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The educational system of the Republic of Belarus provides getting education at the levels of basic, additional and special education.

Basic education includes pre-school, general secondary, vocational, specialized secondary, higherand postgraduate education.

Additional education is divided into additional education of children and youth, and additional education of adults.

Classification of levels of education of the Republic of Belarus meets the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 2011). Thus, the principle of lifelong learning is implemented in practice.

The educational system of the Republic of Belarus includes about 8500 educational institutions, with an enrollment of about 3 million Belarusian citizens. The number of foreign citizens, studying in Belarusian educational institutions is steadily growing.

Higher education in the Republic of Belarus

Professional and scientific training of students is carried out by state (43) and private (9) higher education institutions of different types: classical universities, specialized universities, academies,institutes.

Training is carried out at 15 educational profiles, including 382 specialties of the first stage of higher education (Bachelor’s program) and 331 specialties of the second stage of higher education (Master’s program).

Profiles of education:

• Pedagogy.

• Pedagogy. Professional Education.

• Art and Design.

• Humanitarian Sciences.

• Communication. Law. Economics. Management. Economics and Industrial Engineering.

• Natural Sciences.

• Environmental Sciences.

• Engineering and Technology.

• Architecture and Construction.

• Agriculture and Forestry. Landscaping.

• Health Science.

• Social Protection.

• Physical Education. Tourism and Hospitality.

• Public Catering. Consumer Services.

• Security Service.

Higher education in the Republic of Belarus has the following forms: full-time (day-time, evening-time) and part-time, including online study. The most common and popular is full-time education. Two-thirds of all students choose this form of education.

The main language of instruction in Belarusian higher education institutions is Russian. Foreign students can learn it at preparatory departments of universities or language courses. A number of universities offer instruction in English both at the first (Bachelor’s program) and the second (Master’s program) stages of education.

The academic year in higher education institutions is divided into two semesters. The first semester lasts from September, 1 till January, 31; the second – from February, 10 till June, 30. At the end of each semester students go through the current academic performance assessment.