Living Conditions

Foreign citizens are enrolled on the basis of individual contracts. The contract guarantees training, having access to library and reading halls, video halls, computer rooms, sports and fitness centers, swimming pools, etc. University administration strives to interest foreign students to participate in scientific, sporting, cultural, social and volunteer activities and projects.

All foreign citizens who come to study in the Republic of Belarus, are provided rooms in hostels.The cost of living in a hostel depends on its comfort and is about $ 30-40 per month. The issue of providing a room in a hostel is solved during the preliminary correspondence with foreign citizens.The housing fee is not included in the tuition fee. If a foreign national wishes to stay in a private apartment, a foreigner should look for an accomodation in Minsk on his/hers own and then provide the higher education institution staff with a contact phone number of the landlord. The university staff issues an invitation only after the owner of the apartment signs a letter of guarantee for renting an accomodation for the period of study. The rental cost of a one-room apartment in Minsk is about $ 300. In other cities the rental costs are lower.

A distinctive feature of foreign nationals stay in the Republic of Belarus during the period of study is a peaceful and tolerant attitude to them. Belarus is a multiethnic country, where the representatives of different cultures and nationalities live in peace and harmony. There is no racism and ethnic hatred in Belarus and the extremist movements are not supported by society.

If you have questions about living conditions during your study in the Republic of Belarus, please, contact the staff of our Organization.