Documents Required

Foreign citizens are enrolled in Belarusian higher education institutions according to the results of an oral interview, which is hold after a foreign citizen arrives in the Republic of Belarus.
The interview is conducted when a foreign citizen is entering the higher education institution to receive higher education on a fee basis for all forms of higher education (full-time (day-time, evening-time), part-time, including online study mode).
The interview is conducted in the language of training.
According to the results of the interview, the Examining Board shall determine whether to recommend or not recommend a foreign citizen for training in an institution in the chosen specialty. The final report of the Examining Board is valid till the end of the calendar year.

Applicants from foreign countries and stateless persons (or their representatives) shall submit to the selection committee of a higher education institution the following documents:

  • statement addressed to the head of the education institution in the standard format, approved by the Ministry of Education;
  • certificate (document) on education (the entrants who will study online may submit a copy of the document on education) with the subjects taken and exam marks (points). These documents should be recognized according to the established order in the Republic of Belarus;
  • report of the medical advisory committee, issued by the territorial health organization of the Republic of Belarus (after passing the mandatory medical examination by the assignment of an education institution) – for applicants who will study full-time (day-time);
  • medical report on the health status and HIV-negative certificate, issued by an official health authority of the country of residence of an applicant – except the applicants who will study online;
  • original (copy) of a birth certificate;
  • 6 photos of 3 x 4 cm;
  • certificate of completion of preparatory courses in an education institution (faculty of pre-university training or preparatory department) – if an applicant attended such courses.

The documents in foreign languages must be accompanied by their notarized translations into Belarusian or Russian.

If you have questions concerning preparation of documents and entering the Belarusian university, please, contact the staff of our Organization: