Admission Requirements

Before your arrival in the Republic of Belarus, you have to make sure that you meet all the requirements for foreign students who study in the Republic of Belarus:
1. Sufficient level of previous education (complete secondary education).
2. Sufficient level of knowledge of the Russian or English language.
3. For minors – availability of a copy of a birth certificate with translation into Russian (if the document is not in Russian).
4. Availability of all the necessary documents for executing invitations to study so as to obtain a student visa for entry into the Republic of Belarus in the embassy (consulate) of the Republic of Belarus in the country of residence of the entrant.

To receive an invitation to study (for countries with visa regime) and pass prequalification, you need to prepare the following documents:
1) Completed application form (we will provide it to you at your request)
2) Notarized copies of the documents on education, translated into Russian (if the documents are not in Russian) with the list of subjects taken and exam marks (High School Diploma / Graduate Diploma with the Official Transcript, other documents and certificates of achievement of postgraduate courses, preparatory department, Russian language courses, foreign language courses, etc.).
3) Notarized copy of the medical report on the health status, translated into Russian (if the report is not in Russian), issued by an official health authority of the country of residence of a candidate (we will provide a sample of the report at your request). *
* Turkmen citizens need a report on form 086/h with its translation into Russian.
4) HIV-negative certificate, translated into Russian (if the document is not in Russian);
5) Copy of a passport, valid for a period of training in a higher education institution, translated into Russian (if the passport is not in Russian);
6) Copy of the birth certificate with translation into Russian (if the document is not in Russian).
All documents in foreign languages must be accompanied by their notarized (except the passport) translations into Russian.

Notarized translation of passports of foreign applicants shall be done on arrival in the Republic of Belarus.
You can send all the documents listed above to our Centre by mail with the mark “Application for study”. This should be agreed upon with the staff of our Centre in advance.

If you have questions concerning preparation of documents and entering the Belarusian university, please, contact the staff of our Centre.