For Zambian Students

There are more than 60 Zambian students are studying at different faculties in Belarus.

Mostly Zambian students are studying at Medical and Engineering universities.

Zambian students study their desired courses in English medium of instructions normally.


Zambian students obtain their visas at Minsk International Airport with the help of official study invitation which is confirmed by the Migration department of Belarus so they do not need to attend Embassy to obtain visa.


In other European countries admissions are confirmed by the colleges and universities but in Belarus invitations/admissions are confirmed by the Migration department of Belarus for international students not by the colleges and universities.


1:International Passport Copy

2:SSC Certificate Copy

3:Visa Processing Charges

All above documents are accepted by scan.

Once we receive the all requirements the visa processing time is 2 weeks.


1:Valid International Passport

2:Official study invitation by Migration department of Belarus

3:Educational Certificates (Original)

4:Birth Certificate (Original)

5:HIV Test (Original)

6:Medical Fitness Certificate (By a registered doctor with stamp)

7:Passport size photographs 10

Zambian students pay the visa fee 130$ at the immigration counter and the visa is pasted in his/her international passport.


For further required information please contact us:

Tel:      +375 33 646 35 49  (WhatsApp/ Viber)

Skype:   live:studyoptionsbelarus